tajine banane

Nursing T-shirt - Stripes

$55.00 $65.00

Breastfeeding should no longer be a choice between comfortable and stylish clothing. Tajine Banane is the assurance of combining the useful with the pleasant. At first glance, you won't even notice that it's a breastfeeding shirt. Their T- shirts have discreet side openings that can be easily opened and closed with buttons.

For all the sailors among you, with a clear goal in mind: enjoying the first rays of sunshine and giving all your love to your little ones. Snuggle up to them, experience the most beautiful spring and summer moments together, watch the waves dance up and down. Live every moment as it feels right to you and write your own sailor's fairy tale. Ay, ay Captain!

Side openings with adjustable buttons.
If you hesitate between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

Fabrics: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane.
Machine wash at 30°C and inside out.
Jersey band on the inside of the openings to ensure a maximum of discretion.
Made in Portugal. Certificate OEKO-TEX®.