Muslin bib - caramel


This organic muslin bib is so soft ! It is perfect for newborn or little children, when they start learning to eat solid food. Easy to pack on the go.
Tied with strings to be able to adjust the width around the neck.

Available in 3 pretty colors: beige, charcoal, caramel.
Size: 10'' x 9'' (25 x 23 cm).

All lille products are created in Poland from certified materials so as not to irritate delicate children's skin. Due to the fact that the muslin used in the products is hand-dyed, individual pieces may slightly differ in shade of color - it is completely natural.

Color: caramel.
Material: 100% organic double gauze cotton.
Care: wash in luck water and gently swirl. Stretch after washing. Iron at low temperature or not at all.
The shrinkage ratio is +/- 5%.