Our story

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My name is Geraldine. I am a French architect who has been living in San Francisco for three years with my husband and our baby boy.

I created a blog 10 years ago - beautyarchi.com - to share architecture projects, home decor, lifestyle, DIY and food.
Recently, I have added a kids category with fashion, accessories, toys and more.

Since my childhood, I have always been passionate about photography.

I have worked several years as a community manager at an architecture and urban planning association.
I also enjoyed sharing my love for architecture and landscape with children.

After working for several websites and shops in the United States, I decided to create Palm and Milk to offer a selection of items I love and use for myself, my little one and my home decor.

At my store, you will find:
- exquisitely designed and comfortable unisex clothes with timeless colors,
- captivating toys constructed with ethical materials,
- life-changing nursing clothes and baby bottles for mothers,
- elegant elements ornately designed for home decor.


Our little boy was born in San Francisco and motherhood has sparked my desire to share my passion with the Bay Area with Palm and Milk.

The Palm aspect of the name arose given that when I think of California, I imagine surfboards, skateboards, healthy foods and most of all the tall, beautiful palm trees. Since Milk is the most essential food for babies, I included it in the name as well and together Palm and Milk accompany each other to epitomize the qualities I strive to represent in my store.

I am inspired by design, photos, art and the little beauties of life which surprise me everyday. 

I always promote quality rather than the quantity in my products. I share this passion with my child to give him a taste for nature’s beauty.

With this, I plan to educate him how to consume food and live life in an environmentally conscious way and protect our precious world.