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- back to school / kindergarten / daycare -

Time to say goodbye to vacations. Enjoy the new season with new items for your little ones. Pack everything in our adorable backpack (Studio Noos) and put inside pouches (La Cerise sur le Gateau) for pens, pencils, stickers or snacks: 3 sizes available and cherry on the cake, the inner lining is impermeable! Enjoy comfy and cocooning time at home with the new kids roomate set (Tajine Banane). And to go out, don't forget a chunky sweater (Kindly - coming soon!) - all the colors are easy to wear - and a muslin scarf (Lille) to put around the neck, in the hair or on the backpack!  


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- spring time - 

Spring is here but it is too early to wear only sandals: don't forget to add super cute socks. I have several colors and they match with every outfit (for babies and kids).

Enjoy! With the spring, the geese are coming soon!! I will send a newsletter as soon as they will arrive. I am so excited! Two colors and two sizes will be available.

I still have linen swaddles (it works in many situations: at home, on a walk, on the beach, while traveling. It will serve for a long time!) and hope to receive cute linen outfits soon!

Inside and outside, continue to play with wooden toys, as our woodland animals puzzle (Wee Gallery). I also like this exotic tea service (Plan Toys).

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- kids style and bedroom - 

Spring is coming. Enjoy with this comfy look to play outside: I love this knit cardigan (Kindly) and its vanilla color. Play with your new best-friend: our adorable bunnies are available in black and pink (Main Sauvage). Have a wonderful nap time in the cutest bed (Charlie Crane) and wear a super soft muslin blouse (Lille). Our new wood toys (Wee Gallery) are great to play but also to decorate the kid's room!



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- comfy at home -

Stay comfy in February and have a nice time at home for working or cocooning with your baby, kids or love! Wear a gold nursing T-shirt (Tajine Banane) (even if you are not breastfeeding! The side openings are really discreet, you can wear it when you want!) with an almond milk pants (Poudre Organic).
Take a relax time in your bathroom with this super soft face and body wash (Enfance Paris) and organize all your products in a chunky pouch (Studio Noos). 
Stay warm with these cute milk booties (Binibamba) and decorate your home with these beautiful bamboo numbers (Wee Gallery). The little ones will also love them to learn numbers or imagine stories). 


palmandmilk inspiration baby room necessary usa California concept store geraldine louvel - baby's room -

Select our nice and soft muslin cloths (Lillé made for mini) and prepare a baby bottle (Élhée) with your own milk (or not!): every colors are so adorable. They are flexible, light and pleasant to the touch.

Organize your bedroom (and bathroom!) with the baskets (La Cerise sur le Gateau): they have the good size for the diapers. And play with your little one, on the floor or in the baby rocker (Charlie Crane): he/she will have a good time with our knit toy, made with alpaca wool (Main Sauvage). 


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- california style -

Choose one of our cool breastfeeding T-shirt (Tajine Banane) and wear it with a white jean, sneakers and don't forget to add some accessories like jewels (Elsane Atelier), a hat (Janessa Leone) and of course our mom's bag (Studio Noos) to put essentials for you or your baby. 

Our T-shirts can also be worn if you are not (or no more) breastfeeding!