senger naturwelt

Small cuddly goose - grey



Super soft toy made with organic cotton.
Inside the belly you will find a small bag with cherry stones, which can be removed and warmed.
Great for cold nights, sore bellies and cramps.

Available in 2 colors (grey or white).

Vegan toy.

Color: grey.
Fabric: organic cotton, zipper, cherry stones.
Size: 47 x 37 x 11 cm (18.5'' 14.5'' x 4.3'').
Production: handmade in Germany.

Care: If the cuddly toy has a stain, it is easiest and best to clean it locally with soap. If desired, the cuddly toy can take a bath with your little one! Pat the cuddle dry between a towel and shape it before you dry the cuddle. You can wash by hand with lukewarm water, but keep the temperature the same. Before washing, take the warm-up cushion out of the belly of the cuddle. Do not wash the cuddly toy in the washing machine.

Warming up the cushion: Remove the cushion from the belly through the zipper. Preheat the oven to 75°C and place the cushion in the oven. Heat the cushion for 10-15 minutes and wait for a little while. Feel if the cushion is not too warm and then put it in the cuddly again. Ready to cuddle (you can also heat on the heating or in the microwave -500-600 watts, 2 x 1 minute each side-)!