Physiological and anti-colic teats - Size 1


The physiological Elhée teat is made of extra-soft silicone. It has been developed to offer sensations close to breastfeeding. It adapts ideally to the shape of the baby’s palate and contributes to its good oral development. Its anti-colic system reduces air absorption and facilitates digestion in babies.

Designed to adapt as closely as possible to their needs, the teat size 1 slow flow (S) is ideal for breastfed or premature babies, especially to avoid the risk of breast / teat confusion. The teat size 1 medium flow (M) is ideal for infant milk or water.

The soft, extra-supple texture of this physiological shaped teat provides the baby a sensation close to breastfeeding.

Baby flow preferences are often related to how they feed on the breast. Some babies are always eager to eat, others need more time. To adapt to the needs of all babies, Elhée teat is available in two sizes (0-3 months and 3-24 months), and 3 flow rates (slow, medium, dense).

Elhée has chosen a physiological pacifier adapted to your baby's optimal comfort.

BPA and BPS free. Made in France.