From womb to the nurturing breast to the arms that encircle them, the newborn’s eyes capture a subtly blurred universe, made up of shapes that become increasingly familiar as he develops. 
To respect the precious nature of his first view of the world, Élhée imagined a curvaceous form as a poetic nod to maternal curves, poles apart from conventional cylindrical baby bottle formats.
While breastfeeding is now the concern of both parents, the baby bottle industry traditionally remains a man’s domain. 
The first baby bottle entirely designed by a mother, BibRond revolutionizes every aspect of the sweet and gentle world of our littlest ones.

Eager to build an ethical and aesthetic universe tailored to her three small children, Allison Piraud, founder of the Élhée brand, naturally began by rethinking the baby bottle, with a desire to develop the emotional and sensory dimension of this very first object of affection.

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